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Photos taken in New York City.

Mortal coils

Over one hundred years separate two iconic views of Lower Manhattan, below, and their contemporary overlays.

Paul Strand’s Wall Street commuters of 1915 mingle seamlessly with the office workers and tourists of today.

A few blocks away Charles Gilbert Hine found a bustling Maiden Lane at the East River waterfront in 1896. Horses, dock workers, and sailing ships still fit right into this dynamic South Street block.

Wall Street and Broad. 1915 /2016.
Wall Street and Broad. 1915 /2016.
Maiden Lane and South Street. 1896/2016.
Maiden Lane and South Street. 1896/2016.

Surreal Governor’s Island

This small island smack in the middle of New York harbor is weird and wonderful in a post-apocalyptic Mayberry, USA kind of way. Orderly yet abandoned 50’s era military housing, centuries old forts and crunchy-artsy commune all fuse to give bicycling tourists some of the strangest views of Manhattan available. Although now closed for the season, it will reappear from the mists of time and reopen to the public next Spring. Be sure to visit before it’s too late—Applebee’s anyone?

…now you don’t

We are always looking through something, either a window, a fence or a screen, or maybe even a combination of these. But our rational brain sees past these obstacles to provide a seemingly unobstructed view of reality. Like breathing and blinking, it’s a constant that we aren’t aware of until it’s pointed out—then it’s hard not to notice the bold patterns overlaying our world.

City color sizzles

The summer sun pumps up the heat and the colors of NYC. From the East side to the West, the city’s palette gets a boost. These photos capture that vibrance, and then some.