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Created specifically for a medical or pharmaceutical client.


A new year often brings reflection and from reflection we gain clarity, or hope to. Created for a pharmaceutical product, this ad is one of several I have designed to incorporate open skies and panoramic vistas. Providing the viewer with room to maneuver visually or the ability to gain a clearer perspective taps into a desire for freedom.

red balloon

Getting in shape

Of course family and friends come first, but what comes next in importance in our lives? It can be a career or hobby we love, or even a cherished pet. That was the idea behind these non-traditional portraits created to introduce a life changing HIV product.


A logo maker’s logo

My father had a phrase ‘busman’s holiday’ referring metaphorically to the poor bus driver who spent his vacation driving for the family road trip. It’s interesting to see what professionals do when they personally need the services that they are trained to do, like what does a chef cook for herself or how cool is an architect’s house. I experienced this dynamic firsthand while creating a new logo for a large advertising agency comprised of seven divisions spread across two cities. The new logo needed to symbolize a strong, unified front but somehow remain surprising and fresh.