Novel approach

The graphic novel is one design genre I had never before attempted. Adapting one from a sci-fi manuscript written for tween girls pushed this project even further outside my comfort zone.
But now, I’m having a blast and liking the initial results.




Hell’s Kitsch

Deep in Hell’s Kitchen lies a hidden oasis where today urban gardeners get their flora fix where crack houses once stood. It’s just one of hundreds in a patchwork of community gardens that thrive throughout New York’s five boroughs. Grassroots merchandising (tees & totes) is crucial to supplementing operating budgets, and I was happy to create the branding below when the Finance Committee came calling.

Merchandising campaign—Hell's Kitchen, NYC
Merchandising campaign, non-profit—Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

Mortal coils

Over one hundred years separate two iconic views of Lower Manhattan, below, and their contemporary overlays.

Paul Strand’s Wall Street commuters of 1915 mingle seamlessly with the office workers and tourists of today.

A few blocks away Charles Gilbert Hine found a bustling Maiden Lane at the East River waterfront in 1896. Horses, dock workers, and sailing ships still fit right into this dynamic South Street block.

Wall Street and Broad. 1915 /2016.
Wall Street and Broad. 1915 /2016.
Maiden Lane and South Street. 1896/2016.
Maiden Lane and South Street. 1896/2016.


The Adobe Shapes mobile app was designed to convert photos to line art, making even a lowly Hale & Hearty Soup interior look like an Hale&HeartyExpressionist woodblock print.

But it really shines when converting sketchy napkin doodles into smooth flowing lines.


Homage to Cindy Sherman

I always found Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills both hilarious and unsettling. Simply as an entertaining exercise, I began saving snippets of imaginary dialog that popped into my head over time, adding fictitious TV Guide-like listings of the sort I remembered from childhood.  As it turns out, writing the fake lines can be hilarious, but listing them in their context of time and memory is the unsettling part.


movielineThe Brave Ones—1962,
Lee Marvin in an army helmet. Enough said.


movieline2Watch Pots—1984,
An aging appliance manufacturer befriends a  brilliant but nervous young inventor.

The usual love and romance in wine country except this one’s got chefs.

movieline4Other People—1948
The sparks fly when her Upper East Side rubs up against his Brooklyn.

movieline5Chasing Justice—1978
Detroit beauty salon owner reinvents herself as an EMT.



Sharing ideas with pixels & ink